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Building Rathaus Aldingen
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Business development

aufeinandergelegte Hände

Business location, Aldingen

As a business location, Aldingen offers you:

  • Economic commercial and industrial areas available for immediate development
  • Well-trained workforce
  • Good road connections through the B14 federal highway and the A81 motorway, good train connections through the Stuttgart- Zurich line and easy access to the airports of Stuttgart and Zurich.
  • Below-average local rates and business taxes.
  • Economical residential building plots in particular attractive locations.
  • Educational and training establishments in the village and in the area.

The authority will help you with all the formalities and assures you a speedy and efficient processing. It goes without saying that we will be happy to give you advice about all funding measures available from the EU, from the state and from central government.  We will be happy to open doors for you in all your dealings with other authorities.

You will find information about our Start-up centre (only in german): Start-up centre