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Welcome to the village of Aldingen!

Aldingen’s places of interest and leisure time activities at a glance.


The village of Aldingen lies just off the B 14 between Rottweil and Tuttlingen at the eastern end of the Baar, in a natural sun trap between The Black Forest and the Swabian Alb. Together with the district of Aixheim, Aldingen is the largest village in the county of Tuttlingen. We are just about an hour’s drive from Lake Constance (The Swabian Sea) or from our neighbours France, Austria and Switzerland.

How to find us

Aldingen can be reached from the A 81 motorway that links Stuttgart with Lake Constance. If you are travelling south from Stuttgart, take the Rottweil exit or if you are travelling north from Singen, take the Tuningen exit. Aldingen station is an important stopping point for both the local and regional train services.


A favourite place to visit on the Swabian Alb is the Dreifaltigkeitsberg (Holy Trinity Hill) with its 985 metre high summit and its famous pilgrimage church. This beautiful sunny corner of the Alb is a starting point for walkers and nature lovers alike. From there, an hour’s walk will bring you to the Klippeneck (Cliff Corner). The path runs along part of the Donauberglandweg (Danube mountain country path), which has been awarded the seal of “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” (“Walkable Germany’s Quality Paths”) by the German Ramblers association. From its lofty vantage point, the Klippeneck hotel looks over Aldingen towards the Black Forest. It offers a menu to attract the most discerning of gastronomes with well-appointed rooms for those who want to stay a bit longer. The hotel is also situated right next to an airfield, which is a favourite for glider pilots from far and near. It is well worth a visit.

At 1,015 metres, the highest point of the Swabian Alb is the Lemberg, set deep in the heart of the so-called Region der 10 Tausender (Region of the Ten Thousanders). On a clear day, it provides a breathtaking panoramic view.

Sport and leisure time facilities

Aldingen offers a wealth of sporting and leisure time activities. The new sports centre in the Heubergstraße offers an extensive programme.
The recently renovated indoor pool and sauna facilities for instance, have become a true wellness oasis. Even the little ones are catered for now, with the addition of kiddies’ pool area.

The Erich Fischer Hall that forms part of the whole complex has also been renovated and equipped with the latest in technical wizardry. It has a mobile stage and is often the venue for theatrical productions and many other community activities.

Just across the car park from the Erich Fischer Hall, is the newly built sports hall, which with its facilities for a range of different sports including handball, completes the picture for local indoor sports enthusiasts.
But open-air sports have also not been forgotten with the football and sports area located next to the B 14. Facilities include two football pitches and a training area with artificial grass and floodlighting. If you are looking to shed a pound or two, there is a gymnasium right next to the football club where you will find the latest in fitness equipment. And to round it all off, you are sure to find sustenance at the newly built clubhouse.
Last but by no means least, Aixheim also has a sports field at the edge of the village, where the housing gives way to the surrounding woods. The clubhouse with its skittle alley is a favourite haunt for bowling fans.

An overview of further sport and leisure time facilities

  • Dog club with exercise field and clubhouse

  • Crazy golf course

  • Model flying club

  • Shooting club with its own range and clubhouse

  • Tennis club with seven sand courts and clubhouse

  • Various barbecue areas and playgrounds

Thanks to the good local infrastructure, the village can boast many footpaths and cycle tracks. As well as connecting us to the neighbouring villages and towns, they also take you to up to the Heuberg and to the ever-popular Danube and Neckar valleys.

Pocket guide (only in german) to the Donaubergweg to download in PDF format ((3.608 MB))


Strohhaus im Museum Aldingen
Strohhaus im Museum Aldingen

Aldingen’s recently founded museum is located in the previous family home of Johannes Hengstler, the founder of the Hengstler Company, which is headquartered in Aldingen. The museum contains evidence of Aldingen’s history, from pre-history right up to the present day. You will discover a wall built entirely of rocks and marl from the region, a reconstruction of the 215 million year old phytosaur Mystriosuchus and fossils from the Jurassic age. A three-dimensional map showing the history of the settlement, sheds an interesting light on Aldingen’s history and development.
Archaeological research and discoveries from the Alemannic and pre-Christian times document a grubhouse with hand loom, the model of a wooden church from the 8th century and the original, true-to-life reconstruction of the benefactor’s grave.

Leading on from the religious life of the village, the museum leads you on to the early industrial developments and into the workshop of the company founder and chime maker Johannes Hengstler. A collection of Hengstler counters maps the path to it becoming a global company with exhibitions also of products from the Kieninger clock company and measuring equipment from the Aldingen–based Hommel + Keller.

The museum is open every 1st and 3rd Sunday in the month, from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

It is also open at other times for special exhibitions and presentations.

Entrance: Free

Guided tours can be arranged by calling +49 (0)7424 88217 or 88250.

The village also offers a very varied range of sport- and culture-based clubs.

Some of the highpoints of the social and club life are:   

  • The Aldingen Aldo-Fest and the Aixheimer Street Festival, which are both known far-and-wide.
  • As a stronghold of the Alemannic Fasnacht tradition, a wealth of guilds and clubs ensure that there is a lot of activity at carnival time.
  • The Culture Circle offers an ambitious cultural program covering theatrical productions, readings and recitations and much more.


Aldingen offers a small but select range of accommodation options.

However, as a member of  Tourismus GmbH Tuttlingen ((5.405 MB)) (only in german), every visitor will be sure to find a place to suit, in all categories and at all price levels.

Wining and Dining

Here, you will find a listing of all the local restaurants, bars and cafés

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