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Economic structure

  • Aldingen is always the first name that comes to mind when people are talking about commercial and industrial communities in the region. The commercial development of our village was particularly rapid in the years following the last war. This has resulted in an entrepreneur-friendly climate, which is witnessed through attractive, below-average local business taxes.
  • Aldingen has become home in particular, to companies from the fine mechanics, electronics and metal processing industries. The products are marketed worldwide, making the name Aldingen known in the four corners of the globe.
  • You will find almost the complete range of trades represented in Aldingen.
  • There are currently some 2,050 employees in the various commercial organisation.
  • Some 2,750 tax-paying employees live in Aldingen.
  • The workforce is well trained, motivated and hard-working.
Lageplan Aldingen

Transport Connections

Aldingen is easy to reach by road, lying as it does just off the B14 federal highway. It can be reached from the A81 motorway that links Stuttgart with Lake Constance by taking the Tuningen, Trossingen or Rottweil exits and then following signs to Spaichingen.

The train line from Stuttgart to Zurich runs through Aldingen. The nearest Deutsche Bahn stations are Spaichingen, Rottweil or Trossingen.

As part of the establishment of the regional “Ringzug” shuttle train service established by the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg region in 2003, Aldingen station has become a passenger transport hub.

Aldingen is about an hour’s drive from both Stuttgart and Zurich airports. The small commercial airfields at Donaueschingen and Schwenningen are some 10 and 15 kilometres away respectively.

Commercial and industrial areas

There are several industrial and commercial areas on offer in Aldingen and Aixheim.

Commercial area Rohrwiesen, Aldingen:
up to: bis    7.000 m²
Preis je m² (voll erschlossen):  € 39,00

Commercial area Nagelsee, Aldingen:
up to: bis 115.000 m²
Preis je m² (voll erschlossen):  € 45,00

Commercial area Michelbeuge, Aixheim:
up to: bis  13.000 m²
Preis je m² (voll erschlossen):  € 39,00

If you are looking for a commercial plot, this can usually be arranged very quickly.